I have worked in Business Development within the not-for-profit sector for over 10 years, leading service growth across a range of themes, from employability to the environment. I was a Development Director of a leading health and social care charity until I joined Stockport Homes Group in October 2020 as an Assistant Director leading the Business Growth, Transformation, Digital and Marketing & Communications teams.

There’s no doubt that consistent and sustainable organisational growth is challenging, many of us work in highly competitive markets where the margins between securing new business and investing huge amounts of time and energy for no material gain can be very small.

Being competitive in these markets is, of course, about quality of delivery and value for money but equally its about offering something new, not change for change sake, but adding transformative elements to a service, led by customer feedback and demands, for better outcomes.

At Stockport Homes Group we use that external driver to innovative; constantly asking ourselves the questions “Can we do this better?”, “Can we offer something more to customers, commissioners and stakeholders?”. Sometimes these transformative pieces can be linked to digitisation, sometimes a new partnership but always with the same goal, to provide the best service we can to the people and places we support.

If you’re working in a similar space and looking to form effective partnerships or just interested in the work of Stockport Homes Group. I would love to hear from you.