Stockport Homes Group have responsibilities for the safety of the 12,000 properties they manage and/or own - including gas, electric, communal water systems, asbestos, lifts, and all aspects of mechanical and electrical equipment in blocks including fire safety equipment.

Headed up by Zoe Bate, who joined SHG in 2021 the 18 strong Compliance Team have a wealth of experience and knowledge across the housing stock and have an exemplary track record in ensuring safe homes.

Zoe has worked in social housing since 2007, in various roles from repairs and voids management to leading technical services and compliance teams. With a passion for ensuring customer safety and driving services to provide preventative actions to maintain systems to the highest standards.

Zoe (1)

Working in the sector for over 16 years has given me the opportunity to understand the challenges faced with statutory compliance and how to deliver excellent contractor performance and continuously strive for improvements. Customer feedback is essential in helping to continue to improve services, and I am proud of our approach to sharing our performance with customers – ensuring confidence in the safety of their homes.

Zoe Bate,
Head of Compliance