Stockport Homes Group Business Plan 2023-2026

Stockport Homes Group (SHG) has a clear Mission: “One Team, Transforming Lives”. At the heart of this Mission is creating the best possible outcomes for customers and colleagues. Stockport Homes Limited (the “parent” company) is owned by the Council, with a long term Management Agreement in place to deliver wide ranging housing services on their behalf, monitored through an agreed five-year Delivery Plan.

Since its inception as an ALMO in 2005, the range of services delivered have significantly diversified, within a backdrop of various economic and political changes and pressures. To meet the future challenges of sustainable delivery and to protect excellent service delivery to customers, within finite and diminishing resource pools, Stockport Homes Limited expanded, to form a Group structure, completed in 2016.

The creation of the Group structure has allowed SHG to better fulfil its Mission whilst encouraging and enabling continuous innovation and transformation through a commercial and entrepreneurial approach to service delivery. The Group is made up of four companies: Stockport Homes Limited, Three Sixty, SKylight, and Viaduct Partnerships.

Each part of the Group, whilst driven by its own set of financial and delivery targets, contributes to the golden thread of ‘One Team, Transforming Lives’. Those parts of the business able to generate profits, including but not limited to Three Sixty, do so in order to reinvest into front line, high social value services. The Group structure allows for more focus in each of the subsidiary’s remits, whilst keeping overall control, governance, and oversight with the parent company. SHG’s Group structure is continually evolving to ensure these services remain focused on the people and places the organisations serve This SHG Business Plan sets the strategic narrative and objectives for the Group.

Stockport Homes Group Business Plan 2023-2026

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Stockport Homes Group Business Plan highlight report

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