Spectacular changes are coming to Stockport’s skyline between 2020 - 2022

In recent months, Stockport Councillors have approved plans for: a 14-stand bus interchange, a raised Public Park, a 59m-high housing tower and an innovative bike lane which will span 100 metres and boast an impressive futuristic arch, providing a striking new landmark close to the town’s historic Viaduct.

These drastic architectural changes to Stockport’s local landscape will take place between now and 2022.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham recently told the press that said: "Combining easy and accessible transport links with Stockport town-centre living and green open space, the project encapsulates what could become an innovative template for modern transport hubs in our city-region".

As a Greater Manchester based architectural practice, the DASH Architecture team are proud to be contributing to some of the positive changes in Stockport, designing dramatic and captivating landmark buildings, such as the new AG Centre.