Stockport Homes Group announce new Charity of Choice

Stockport Homes Group are delighted to announce their new Charity of Choice for 2024 – 2026, The Wellspring.

Over the last thirty years, The Wellspring has supported people that are homeless or at risk of losing their home in Stockport, and this new charity partnership will enhance our strong, existing relationship whilst further strengthening our shared mission and aims.

SHG will be working with a charity that is 100% Stockport based and dedicated to making a difference within the communities we support. 

This announcement comes following the final farewell to Stockport Homes Group's last Charity of Choice, Once Upon a Smile, which they raised nearly £40,000 for.

Alex Knight, from the Wellspring, said:

“We are delighted to have been selected as the charity of choice by Stockport Homes, we are really looking forward to continuing our positive working relationships & the fantastic support SHG will offer.”

Helen McHale profile photo

I am delighted our staff have chosen a homeless charity and a locally based one as our Charity of Choice. It gives us great opportunities to work together and make a difference. Working with a charity is more about them than us as it’s their commitment and organisation which can facilitate great events. It will inspire staff to give themselves, their time and energy to work with such a worthwhile charity. We are all loving it already; events and connections with Wellspring have already begun.

Helen McHale, CEO of Stockport Homes