8 Reasons why Hybrid Events are here to stay!

Much like the rest of the world, the Events sector was hit hard in March 2020, but it forced people to be creative and think outside the box, making room for new opportunities that can still be used in a post-pandemic world.

Rather than cancelling all events that were planned and ready to go, many organisations decided to look at their event in a new light and take their event digital. Having been so successful for the previous two years, it is likely many organisations will continue to have a hybrid element to their events, and here are 8 reasons why it is something you should consider also.

1. The Same Event Experience for all Delegates

With Covid cases rising each day, the possibility of one of your delegates needing to self-isolate are increasing. Our team can work with you take your event digital. That way, whether they are in the same room as you, or joining virtually, all your delegates will have the same event experience, and nobody will miss out.

2. A Wider Reach

The pandemic has not all been doom and gloom, the events world has taken this opportunity to learn how to ramp up your audience. Rather than cancelling events completely, a lot of organisations decided to test the waters with virtual and hybrid events with great success.

Guests can now attend your event from all over the world. Travel costs are reduced, it is much more time efficient, and all attendees can receive the same information, whether they are chatting in person or via an online events portal.

3. Improved Carbon Footprint

Talking about less people travelling, that is less impact on our carbon footprint. More and more people are working towards a green agenda, so incorporating this into your event will increase the interest into your event.

4. Flexibility

Although reaching audiences from across the world may seem like a great idea, you are probably wondering how you can navigate a world-wide hybrid event with different time zones. With an event portal, workshops can be added at various times, talks can be recorded for guests to watch back, and Q&A panels can open the question box ahead of the event, giving people across the world time to submit their questions.

Not only will this benefit people in different time zones, but also your busy guests who already have meetings scheduled for that day, or delegates keen to listen to multiple talks that may be happening at the same time.

5. Reduced Costs

With less people attending in person than you would typically expect, you could have a smaller venue, less catering and refreshments are needed, and the money saved can be spent on improving the experience of your guests attending virtually.

*Top Tip* - Consider sending an events pack to your virtual guests with a tea bag and biscuit that they can enjoy from the comfort of their home or office.

6. Increased Audience Engagement

Gone are the days where people need to use their words to show their opinion on a matter. With ‘likes’, ‘loves’, ‘celebrates’ etc, your audience can give their feedback with one click of a button. You can easily track the success of talks, workshops, and other event activities whilst the event is happening, meaning you have instant feedback to work with.

7. Improved Networking Opportunities

An online event platform can be accessed at any time. The guests attending your event in person can see who will be there, pre-plan meetings and get to know other people attending. Virtual guests can chat, meet new connections and arrange a video call with others attending the event.

Afterwards, the connections can continue.

*Top Tip* - Try adding keywords to user profiles so attendees can easily find someone they connected with whose name they may have forgotten.

8. Increased Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

With an online platform comes advertising space you would not originally have. With banners, adverts before a video, promotions down the side of the page, your opportunities are endless.

Having more revenue from marketing can allow for your event to be bigger and better than ever. Your number of sponsor opportunities will be increased, and sponsors would have more options, tailoring their level of sponsorship to their budget.