Going Green - How we are adapting our buffet options for a more sustainable future

We’re seeing some great conscious changes within the events industry and having a vegan and vegetarian options for guests is one we are celebrating here at Venue@Cornerstone. Earlier this year, we attended the Northern Gamechanger Awards Ceremony where a fully vegan meal was served. These changes to the typical evening meal not only offer a variety, they are also helping support a greener future.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of bookings choosing to add a lunch to their day and we know adding lunch and refreshments is a great way to keep attendees engaged and happy, making for a more productive meeting. We reached out to our customers to find out what vegan options they would like to see on the menu for their upcoming events. We worked through the suggestions with our local caterers Pure Kitchen to create a vibrant variety of vegan and vegetarian options we hope you like as much as we do.

We’ve worked with our local caterers Pure Kitchen and our customers to create a vibrant variety of vegan and vegetarian options that are proving to be quiet the hit.

Some of our favourite sandwich fillings coronation cauliflower, onion bhaji, vegan New Yorker & vegan hoisin duck.

We’re constantly working with our caterers to find new options for the lunch buffet, keeping it fresh and different to avoid regular bookers from having the same food on each visit.

However, this time we wanted to work with our clients to see what options and suggestions they would like to see on the menu. A standout suggestion was on the variety of options available for vegan and vegetarian guests and how although the current options were great, there could be more variety. Our team decided to take this feedback and liaise with the clients to get some recommendations for vegan and vegetarian buffet options.

The clients gave some fabulous ideas that we passed onto our caterers, and we came to a mutual agreement that these new options would be included on future vegan and vegetarian buffets, along with some other of their own ideas.

The next time the guests who made the recommendations were in the venue and had a lunch buffet, they were amazed at the variety of options available, and we received glowing feedback about the lunch options.

Alongside the usual options, now available are coronation cauliflower, onion bhaji, vegan chicken & vegan cheese! All options were a firm favourite with all guests, and there was a lot of talk amongst guests about how tasty the choices were.

Don’t forget, you can request specific sandwich fillings to be added to your buffet, regardless of dietary requirements, and our catering team will advise if it is something they can do. Be sure to let our team know when placing your order if you have a favourite.