How we are helping you keep your live events safe, inclusive & engaging

With Covid cases on the rise once again, it can be a difficult decision for your organisation and your team, whether you should go ahead with in person meetings. Although the pandemic has seen a vast increase and improvement to the quality of virtual meetings, its no secret that you can often get more out on in-person meetings.

We want all of our customers to know they are safe when visiting our venue space, and so we are taking extra measures to keep our venue Covid-safe.

1. Regular Cleaning All our rooms will be cleaned before, during and after your visit. All touchpoints through our venue are cleaned regularly, and deep cleans are conducted often. All our rooms have sanitising wipes available for you to use at your pleasure.

2. Sanitising Stations & Complimentary Sanitiser There are multiple sanitising stations throughout our venue for all our guests to use, and large bottles of sanitiser in each room. Each of your delegates will also receive a complimentary bottle of our Venue@Cornerstone credit card sanitisers to take away.

3. Face Masks We're asking for all our guests to wear a mask while in our reception and breakout space, unless exempt. It is your own personal choice if you wish to continue to wear a mask throughout the event, but just in case you forget, we have plenty of masks for you to use.

4. Covid Safe Venue Our Covid Safe venue have excellent ventilation in all rooms to keep you and your delegates safe during your visit.

5. Virtual & Hybrid Facilities As Covid cases are rising, the possibilities of a number of your guests needing to isolate increase. Our team can work with you to turn your event into a hybrid, or even completely virtual in this instance. All of your delegates will be able to attend the meeting or event, and have the same experience whether in person or at home.

If you'd like anymore information about how our team are keeping you safe during your visit, please feel free to get in touch with the team.