The Meeting Owl Pro

We have a number of different hybrid meeting technologies available for your meetings at Venue@Cornerstone, but our meeting owl has been an honorary member of the team for several years, and it’s about time it had its moment in the spotlight.

With the modern world of events relying heavily on Hybrid Meeting Technologies, it is important for guests to know the technology we use and the benefits of using this fabulous piece of technology for your virtual and hybrid events.

What is the Meeting Owl Pro?

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree hybrid camera & audio device. Working with both Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the owl works perfectly for meetings where your guests are attending both virtually, and in-person.

For those attending in person, attendees will see the same screen as if having a normal virtual meeting, with the rooms image displayed as a small icon in the bottom right corner, and the virtual guests displayed as larger icons, with emphasis on the individuals talking.

For those attending virtually, the screen will be split into two. A full panoramic view of the screen will be displayed across the full width of the top half of the screen, with the bottom half of the screen being split into individual icons of the different members of the room. For larger meetings, the larger icons at the bottom will change depending on who is talking.

What are the benefits of the Meeting Owl Pro?

When using the Meeting Owl Pro, the guests attending virtually will feel as though they are in the room, as opposed to just seeing one person, or a wide view of the room with the group members too small to see.

The Meeting Owl Pro offers a more dynamic meeting style and encourages the same atmosphere for all involved, allowing all guests to have the same meeting experience, whether in person or online.

How does it work?

The Meeting Owl Pro is a simple “plug in and go” set-up. There are two leads coming from the bottom of the device, one plugs into a mains socket, and the other, a USB connection straight into your laptop.

Do I need to make any changes to my device?

There are minimal amends you need to make to your device for the Meeting Owl Pro to work. If you typically have the blur option or a background feature enabled on your Microsoft Teams account, you will need to remove this for the Meeting Owl Pro to be used to its full potential. This can easily be changed through the settings on the app.

What if I have difficulties using the device on the day?

Don’t worry, our team are all fully trained and will be on hand to assist you in using the device. If you run into any difficulties on the day, we will be there to help you get set up and ready in time for your meeting.

If you’d like to find out more information, or would like to add the Meeting Owl Pro to your next meeting, contact a member of the team today!