Venue at Cornerstone Employment Support: Giving Something Back

As a part of Stockport Homes Group, a key aim of Venue at Cornerstone is to ensure we are Giving Something Back.  

We offer free meeting space to SKylight for Employment Events, helping transform Stockport Homes Customers' lives. The SKylight team offer a range of courses and skills training to help customers gain employment, improve their interpersonal skills or provide an opportunity to get out and meet new people.  

Throughout 2022-23, we are pleased to have provided 560 hours' worth of free meeting space for Community Events, saving £14,500 for the Employment Service.  

These events have helped to improve well-being, and engagement within the community and to help many Stockport Homes Customers to get into Employment.  

Amanda Ward 11

“Customers love taking part in training at Cornerstone, the high quality of the venue space mirrors the quality of the training. In 2022-23 the customer training team delivered 131 sessions spanning the themes of Employment, Health & Wellbeing and Community. Our ethos is, training is always more than just attending the session, it’s clear in many cases to map the unmistakeable difference that occurs in customers when they learn something new, meet new people and challenging themselves.  Our ambition is to give our customers the skills and knowledge they need, to improve their own lives. Each quarter a new programme is created and presented to customers, and we never repeat a schedule. This ensures a fresh diverse array of sessions is always on offer to keep customers engaged in the concept of learning. Our provision is unique in its flexibility and funding. Courses are varied in relation to content, focus and time commitment. Many courses are short, one day or a half day and we provide longer courses where customers can develop a suite of skills. Our commitment to fund free customer training ensures learners can pick and choose their sessions with no financial cost or concerns around penalties for non-attendance. This is key to our customer group.” 

Amanda Ward,
Employment Support Manager of SKylight

To find out more about the courses SKylight run, visit their website here.