Group mission:

  • One team - transforming lives

Group aims:

  • Deliver excellent customer service, driven by customer feedback and experience.
  • Provide safe, sustainable homes in neighbourhoods where communities can thrive.
  • Contribute to making Stockport fairer by reducing inequality, poverty and supporting customers in all aspects of their lives.
  • Maximise the impact of resources through growth, efficiency, and business transformation.
  • Work collaboratively, influencing locally, regionally, and nationally to achieve more.
  • Be an inclusive great place to work, where our values shine through everyone and everything we do.

Group values:

  • Ambition – we have the ambition and courage to challenge; translating this into commercial success and brilliant customer outcomes
  • Social responsibility – we always try to do the right thing; using our role as a service provider, employer and buyer to generate trust, build our communities and empower our people
  • Passion – we have a passion for what we do; with positive, motivated and enthusiastic staff who enjoy their work
  • Innovation – we are innovative in everything we do; with the agility, creativity and edge to keep defying expectations and delivering fresh and exciting things
  • Respect – we treat each other with respect; supporting and inspiring one another and collaborating across teams and partnerships
  • Excellence – we continually improve how we work; challenging the status quo, learning from what goes well and always being professional