If you have been invited to make a connection and a friendship with us at SHG then you must be one of our loyal supporters, colleagues or followers who know and love what we do. ​​

We really value our Friends (that’s you) and we hope you want to make it official.

Our Friends scheme is not like other schemes. We don't even have a set Friends fee. We want to reflect who we are and to honour your support in a collaborative and creative way. We know you are someone who really cares and who wants to support our mission of ‘One Team, Transforming Lives’ and by aligning with you we can build this Friendship into something that is really valuable.

If you would like to become a Friend of SHG, we would love to speak to you, please complete the form below.

I'll always be a friend of SHG because...

Hear from Yvonne Higgins, who spent 15 fantastic years at Stockport Homes Group before retiring in May 2020 and becoming a lifelong friend.

Friends of SHG form

Colleague Package

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