Private client


4 months



Value & scheme:

£120,000 -- kitchen extension and partial re-model of bungalow



This privately owned 1970s detached bungalow in Cheshire had previously received a side extension designed by others. Retrospectively, the client decided that the completed extension at the front of the house required further rationalisation and extension to provide a larger dining kitchen space and to improve the consequential external space associated with it. There were also minor unfinished aspects to the external works required after this work was completed.  Dash Architecture were asked to consider this in our design scope.

We presented three proposal options for consideration which offered increasing levels of design scope based on the brief.  The client’s aim was to utilise a negative external space, a solution which could have resulted in awkward roof geometry.  The selected preferred option intentionally stretched the brief, the result of which re-elevated the front of the house and rationalised space and massing in a natural way.



Before                                                                         After



The final solution incorporates an open plan Kitchen and Dining area to the front and the existing Dining Area at the side becomes a small home gym. This project has the advantage of extensive glazing with impressive thermal resistance to all elements of fabric to balance heat loss through glass. As with all Dash Architecture projects, the dedicated energy strategy maintains a ‘fabric first’ approach, but always aims beyond the statutory minimum helping to reduce long-term running costs for the building.

The external works have been designed to allow a new driveway entrance location. This allows a lawned area fronting the extension to be completely bounded by a new wall and rail to securely defend space between the street and the private realm. The result is a comprehensive street facing re-model which adds significant value to the property.