Viaduct, Stockport


Planning stage


JCT D & B (pre-novation services)

Value & scheme:

£2.6M. Sixteen 3 bed affrordable homes

Supported by Homes England funding for Stockport Homes, this vacant site historically provided Victorian back to back terraced housing until their demolition in the early 1980’s. It now delivers 16 No. 3 bedroom family homes for affordable part-sale. The site is located within an area of established 2 storey post war housing and responds with sensitivity and integrity to the site’s history and immediate proximity to the neighbouring Dodge Hill Conservation Area. It generates a 21st century re-interpretation of the original family housing dating from the 1800’s.

The mass of the houses have been carefully designed and they are simple in form. North facing accommodation has been minimised where possible with a preference for east/west orientation. They respond in scale to the neighbouring houses with accommodation at ground, first and second floor, which occupies much of the roof space section. By using the simple pitched roof space for bedroom accommodation, this assists in a significant mass and section height reduction whilst the stepping of the rows also adds character, interest and articulation to all the elevations. The intervention of a projecting roof light detail adds further variation and rhythm and aims to emulate the strength of chimney stacks featured in the early 20th century archive photos.

The use of a small pallet of high quality materials allows the elevations to be simple, but with refined, tall and elegant proportions to the facades. Simple recessed features have been added to help articulate the elevations further using feature brick detailing and recessed panels.

The proposed planting will be integral to the site design and includes mitigation proposals, whilst the planting and dwarf walling to the site perimeter will provide defensible frontages and relief to the existing street scene. The site has some significant gradients, but where possible external pathways are suitable for all levels of ability – incorporating level, non-slip materials with flat resting areas. Each house will have a patio area immediately outside to the rear 50 sq.m (min.) private amenity space and 2 dedicated parking spaces.

As with all our projects, the dedicated energy strategy maintains a ‘fabric first’ approach, but always aims beyond the statutory minimum. This project is therefore compliant with the latest approved documents, but looks to the future with plans to omit the use gas propelled boilers in line with Stockport’s aspirational policies.