Growth of business encourages growth of talent in marketing team

Responsible for managing and enhancing the reputation of Stockport Homes Group the Marketing and Communications Team at SHG is always busy! In addition to the services the team provides for the Group, they also operate Marketing by Home, delivering award-winning marketing and PR services for organisations across the UK that benefit both people and place.  

Every member of the SHG marketing team stretches their talents and skills in the interest of Home’s clients. Notably, Marketing and Communications Assistant Ben Egerton has developed his expertise as a webmaster, utilising his skills to support 13 Home clients in updating legacy websites or creating new ones. 

Ben joined the Marketing and Communications Team in 2022 and ever since has paved the way to helping the team become stronger and more efficient. One of the first on the team to embrace a totally digital working style, Ben is renowned for being responsible, reliable and hardworking and never having owned a pen! Home has provided a unique opportunity for Ben to work across different website platforms, strengthening his talent. This has had a domino effect, allowing Ben to use the knowledge and skills he’s gained for one client to benefit another.  

Nicola Poulter, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at SHG, says, “It has been a privilege to watch Ben develop his digital marketing skills and confidence in meeting new clients over the last few months. Ben is a whizz when it comes to websites. He is an invaluable member of our team and key to our clients' success. His can-do attitude and passion for learning are evident and the work he produces is a direct testimony to his character.” 

SHG is delighted to have Home as part of its family. In three short years, Home has grown significantly with two dedicated members of staff and as a profit-for-purpose business model, Home uses its surplus to benefit community projects across the Borough. 

Ben says, “Working with the Marketing and Communications Team has been a delight and I feel very lucky to be working with such a supportive and helpful team. I am glad that I have been able to utilise my digital talents to support the team with Home clients and, I am looking forward to seeing how I can develop my skills to further support the team in the future. I am provided with new challenges each day and overcoming these challenges is always rewarding. I hope to keep learning within my role and provide valuable support to the team in all aspects of my work.” 

Home is unique in its design, the only not-for-profit marketing and PR agency in the North West. From brand positioning and visual identity to creative campaigns and social media management, Home helps socially led organisations connect with their customers and local communities whilst supporting the life-transforming work undertaken by teams across Stockport Homes Group.